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Welcome to the official Inner Diva Fitness website; where we offer "Workouts Fit For A Diva".
Have you ever thought about taking a pole dance class for a great combination of exotic dance, exercise and fun? Inner Diva Fitness can provide you with a fun aerobic class where you can learn exotic pole dancing while also burning a lot of calories. 
We welcome you to explore our website where you'll find information about our classes, pole parties, and special events.

Monthly Packages

We're all for getting the most pole for your buck. That's why we offer various membership options to fit almost any budget. Click the link below to see what deals work best for you!

New to Pole?

Whether you've made the awesome decision to start your pole journey or you're just a newbie at the studio. Click the button below for a treat from us to you. An entire week of unlimited pole for only $65! Offer starts at time of purchase.

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