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We Like to Party!

Pole Parties are the perfect atmosphere for women to get together and have adult fun! We use a traditional "exotic dancer" pole to introduce you to the fun, fantasy, and fitness side of pole dancing in a friendly environment. We won't have you hanging upside down by your toes, but you will learn a couple of spins and a routine that you can use to impress your friends or significant other.


We pride ourselves in offering an EXPERIENCE!  We don't believe in putting you on a pole and playing "follow the leader".  We use games and friendly contests to keep you interacting with each other and entertained!


We offer parties with different themes for a variety of occasions including, but not limited to: Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Nights Out, Divorce Parties. Also, to make it easier we've listed our Pole Party Checklist so you don't forget a thing for your event!

1. What's Your Party Size?

Pole Party Pricing .png


  • "Sex In The City"  Looking for something fun to do with your girls?  Then grab your best girl friends and let us show you how to put sex back into the city!  In this theme you will use the pole to perform routine that's fierce enough to show your dominating side, but sexy enough to show your sensual side.      

  • "Basic Instinct"  Take a seat, tap into your basic instinct, and use the chair to learn a routine that will make any bystander feel like they're being interrogated!  This theme will use the chair to show you and your friends a seductive routine that will make any bystander want to have a seat!  *does not incorporate dance pole

  • "Strip Tease"  Want to let your inner dominatrix out?  Then come learn a strip tease dance you can perform for your significant other that will keep them in anticipation of things to come!  This theme uses floor work along with standing dance moves that's sure to seduce any onlooker!  *Be sure to bring a white button down shirt; does not incorporate dance pole

  • "Coyote Ugly"  What happens when you mix country music with dance poles?  A deleted scene from the "Country Girls Shake It For Me" video!  Grab your boots, your girls, a southern attitude, and show them how girls are really raised in the south!  

  • "P Valley"  Want to learn moves like you're auditioning for a notorious dirty south strip club?  Then come learn to twerk, shake, and drop it like it's hot with your home girls!  In this theme we'll use the dance pole to show a twerk and pole routine to show you how to "use what you got to get what you want."

  • "Afro Bounce"   Let your spirit go and let loose! Want to dance freely and experience rich culture? Choose Afro-Bounce, a combination of Ivory Coast and NOLA Bounce baby. Move your body and SHAKE DOWN to the sounds of New Orleans bounce featuring Hasizzle, Supahbadd and Big Freedia.  This theme does not include the pole.

  • "Diva Heels"   Want to have those sexy calf muscles when you wear your heels! Well, this is the theme is for you!! Come learn a sexy dance routine in your heels while toning your leg muscles and ankles.  MUST WEAR: Regular heels or stilettos, not platform heels . This class does not include the pole.


"Bridesmaids Bundle" 


Plan the perfect Pole Party for your bachelorette with this add-on. Get an extra 30 minutes added to your party, a personal bottle of our signature Diva Punch for the lucky lady and our specially made Survival Kit for each party member.


COST:  Athena $135| Iris $185 

"Photography Services"


Capture the fun and all the memories of your party with our in house photographer. You'll receive a link that has numerous photos of your unforgettable party, Let us capture all the fun for you with this amazing add on!


COST:  Calypso & Nyx $85 | Athena $125 | Iris $170

"Bedroom Kandi"


Want to add a little more spice to your Pole Party? Ask about having our Bedroom Kandi consultant attend your party! She'll give an exciting and playful 30 minute presentation displaying the wonderful "gifts" she has available for purchase. Whether you want to pamper yourself, add a little spice to your bedroom, or explore intimacy with your partner, this line of pleasure products is bound to have something for you.

*If this party favor is chosen everyone attending the party must 21+*

COST: $55  (with an additional 30 minutes added to your party)

"Diva Bling"


Add our signature "Diva Punch" to your party.
It's our house recipe that's guaranteed to get
your party started!

*If this party favor is chosen everyone attending the party must 21+*

COST: Calypso & Nyx $65 | Athena $80| Iris $100


  • All parties should be booked at least one week in advance. There is a $75 short notice fee for parties reserved 72 hours before the intended start time. 


  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

  • All attendee's MUST participate in the party, unless the participant is pregnant. This includes late arrivals.

  • Any left over balances that are due must be paid in full 3 DAYS before your party date. Balances are paid using original form of payment.

  • Inner Diva Fitness will not issue a refund or credit if the amount of guests you paid for are not present for your party. For example, if you purchase the Iris Package ($360) for up to 15 guests, but only 9 show, we will not reduce your package and charge you $260 or give you a $100 credit or refund.

  • Please have the entire party arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to sign waivers. The studio doors are locked 15 mins after your party start time. Late arrivals will not be permitted into the party. If the entire party arrives 15 mins or more late the party is automatically canceled and no refunds will be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS



  • Parties that run over their scheduled end time are charged a $25 fee for every 10 minutes over


  • What if I have more people than I paid for?
    If you chose the Athena package you're allowed up to one (1) additional guest for $35 before your party is upgraded to the next package. If you chose the Iris package you're allowed up to three (3) additional guests at $35 per guest before your party is upgraded to the next package. This must be collected BEFORE your party starts. This doesn't apply to Calypso or Nyx party packages.


  • What happens if I need to cancel my party? Do I get a refund?
    To cancel your party, you must call the studio. Keep in mind Inner Diva Fitness has a strict NO REFUND policy.  Any party Canceled due to COVID19, the customer has 30 DAYS from the original date of their party to Redeem the Credit. The credit can be used towards other services at the studio.


  • How do I pay and schedule a party?
    After reading through all we have to offer and you've determined the party package, theme, and party favors you want give us a call with a date and time you'd like to book for your party. Reminder, If you choose not to pay your party in full upon your reservation we do allow a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and the remaining balance is due 3 DAYS before your party date. NOTE THAT THE 50% DEPOSITS ARE NOT APPLICABLE FOR CALYPSO AND NYX PACKAGES.


  • What if I'm late to my party?
    If you've booked a party and are more than15 minutes late. Your party will automatically be canceled and a refund will NOT be issued. 


Now that you've read everything that goes into our pole parties it's time to book!
Simply call at us at (704) 492-6905 with the date and time that you're interested in.

As well as, any questions that we might not have answered.

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