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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear to the class? Do I have to wear heels?
    Dress as if you're going to the gym. Acceptable attire are as follows: shorts, capri pants, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras. Please be advised that clients with inappropriate attire will be asked to leave. Heels are welcomed, but not required. Consult with your class instructor when you arrive if you have any questions/concerns.
  • Is there an age requirement for classes?
    Yes, you must be 18 or older to participate.
  • Is there a weight requirement?
    There is no weight restrictions. We encourage women of all body types to attend and classes are discretely modified to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Are men allowed in class?
    We offer Coed Classes at Inner Diva Fitness. Review the class descriptions to identify Coed classes.
  • How can I join a class?
    If you're on a computer click the tab that says 'Classes'. If you're joining from your mobile device download the Mind Body App or click here.
  • Are there memberships available?
    Yes, we've got a variety of membership and Punch Card options that can found here.
  • How do I find out what level I am?
    The chart below describes basic requirements for each level. If you are unsure of which level applies to you, please call the studio (704.492.6905) to schedule an assessment with one of our instructors.
  • Where can I find descriptions of your classes?
    Descrptions of our classes can be found here.


  • NO OIL OR LOTION! It can cause you to slide off of the pole & cause injuries.

  • NO JEWELRY! It ruins the poles & your jewelry.

  • HAVE FUN! That's what Pole Fitness is about! We want you to get fit & have fun while doing it.

Studio Policy



  1. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to change and pay for services. We start promptly and don't want you to miss the most important part of the experience, the warm up.
    Late arrivals past 5 minutes will not be allowed to enter class.


  2. If you need to make or receive a phone call, by all means please do so, outside of the classroom. We understand emergencies happen and are here for you, but we also respect and appreciate the time and effort our remaining clients are spending with us.

  3. You must sign a waiver or you will not be allowed to participate in class.

  4. All services must be paid for before the start of class.

  5. No jewelry allowed while exercising on the dance poles.

  6. Appropriate dress is required for class. Acceptable forms of clothing are: tank tops, sports bras, t-shirts, shorts that completely cover buttocks, or yoga pants. Anything acceptable to wear to the gym is acceptable to wear to the studio. If your clothing does not appropriately cover your body parts, you will be asked to leave.

  7. Leave your valuables possessions in the car or at home. Inner Diva Fitness is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  8. Inner Diva Fitness has a two person attendance minimum for class. If there are two people or less in class 2 hours before its start time then the class will be cancelled and those who were joined will be notified via email.


Inner Diva Fitness has a NO REFUND policy. We will gladly offer you credit towards another service should you need to reschedule.  

-All cancellations and rescheduling must be completed by the client using the online booking system.


At any time, the studio may chose to cancel classes in the case of inclement weather/dangerous travel conditions. Should the weather forecast be calling for potentially hazardous conditions, the studio will send out an e-mail and post on social media sites as early as possible to alert students to the possibility of a cancellation. Once alerted, we will endeavor to make the call and communicate cancellations a minimum of 2 hours before the posted start time of the class.


If the studio cancels classes due to weather, all registrations will be early-cancelled and any applicable class credits will be returned to the students’ accounts. No extensions, refunds, or credits will be given for clients with unlimited memberships.

If the studio chooses to run classes and keep the studio open, but a student chooses not to travel to class at their own discretion, the student should notify the studio as soon as possible prior to class start time. Studio management may then choose to early cancel the student’s registration, at management discretion. No refunds will be provided for students who no-show or late cancel in such circumstances, without reasonable notification to management in advance.

For Workshops and Parties, exceptions to the no-refund policy may be made at the discretion of management and with reasonable advance notice.


- It is the client's responsibility to monitor the expiration date of all services purchased. We will not extend the dates of any single class or class card. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Class cards and credits cannot be shared or transferred to another student.

- You must notify Inner Diva Fitness at least two hours prior to class starting or class will be deducted from your account and considered "used" even though you were not present.


**Members have until 2 hours prior to class to cancel their class online. If cancellation is not received a $30 charge will be placed on the account and membership will be frozen until all fees are paid.**


- All private lessons must be booked at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your appointment.

- If canceling a private lesson, a six hour notice is required in order to be eligible for a reschedule.

- Instructor reserves the right to cancel lesson if you are more than 15 minutes late and have not called to notify the instructor.


If your party must be cancelled contact the studio as soon as possible. Keep in mind, Inner Diva Fitness, LLC has a strict No Refund policy. 

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