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To Our Members

At Inner Diva Fitness, the health and safety of our members, as well as, our staff is our top priority. We’re excited to announce that per state and federal guidelines, we have been thoughtfully planning our process to reopen our studio on Monday, June 1, 2020. As we prepare to greet you again we're adopting a few temporary habits to ensure the studio continues to be a safe-haven as it has been. This includes; extensive cleaning protocols, class attendance limitations that comply with social distancing requirements, and other safety measures that align with CDC recommendations. 


Cleaning Protocols

As we confidently prepare to open our doors again we want you to know we've developed rigorous sanitation procedures, as well as, adopted additional sign-in protocols to ensure the safety of all members and staff. 


Studio Cleanliness

  • Hand sanitizing areas will be conveniently located in different locations in the studio.

  • Staff will regularly disinfect high traffic touch areas of the studio (e.g. door knobs, counter-tops, poles, etc.).

  • Adjustment in class times to allot for appropriate deep cleaning between classes.

Protocols

  • One member may enter the studio at a time in order to be checked in and properly sanitized before they can enter the pole space.

  • Yoga Mats are temporarily unavailable in-studio. Please bring your own to class.


Social Distancing in Classes

Our classes are changing but the fun isn’t going anywhere! In order to comply with social distance recommendations given by the CDC we’ve adjusted class sizes and are addressing spacing.


Class Attendance

  • Until further notice, all pole classes will have an eight (8) member cap and all non-pole classes will have a ten (10) member cap.

  • Our current attendance policy will continue to be enforced as classes commence.


  • For our non-pole classes, instructors will reinforce proper spacing between members during classes.


Partying During COVID-19

It would've been impossible for us to open and not have our infamous parties come back! In addition to the adjustments being made for our classes; our parties are adapting to the current circumstances. This includes; a reduction in available party packages, party availability adjusting to assure proper cleaning between parties, and more.


Party Adjustments

  • Suite 69 parties are capped at four (4) couples.

  • Only party packages available for booking are Calypso, Nyx, Athena, and Iris. 

  • Our current party policy will continue to be enforced as parties commence.


Unavailable Parties

  • In order to not only comply with required social distance requirements, but also, assure the safety of our staff. The following party types and packages are unavailable to be booked until further notice:

    • In-Home Parties

    • Pole Packages: Venus

Help Us Fight COVID!

As we navigate through the reopening of the studio, we're anticipating the unexpected and asking for your patience and help. At Inner Diva Fitness, your health and safety has and will continue to be our top priority. While our staff is working diligently to keep our studio safe. They can only go as far as you'll help them. We all play a vital part in keeping the studio clean and safe. If you're not feeling well or have been traveling to COVID "hot spots" we ask that you refrain from coming to the studio for at least two (2) weeks. We appreciate your help and understanding as we work through this time together. 

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response contact us at with the subject line 'COVID'.

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